North Fort Worth Community News and Update

Recently at our annual neighborhood meeting, we were delighted to here from our speakers who shared some new city centers for North Fort Worth residents that have recently opened. 

First, there is the new North FW Patrol Division Headquarters located at  8755 N. Riverside Drive which is a wonderful facility that enables the police to respond much quicker to calls in the North part of town.  There is a community room where our meeting took place. 

Next, there is a brand new, state of the art Drop-Off Station where residents can recycle or dispose of items such as old electronics and computers, bagged garbage, recyclables including scrap metal, Bulky trash, brush, tires, old furniture, remodeling debris, appliances that do not contain freon, other coolants, gasoline or oil, some household chemicals and products like paint, batteries, home and bathroom chemicals, cooking oil, light bulbs, brake fluids, and more.  Residents can also pick up free mulch.  This facility recycles many more items than other centers.  It is located at 301 Hillshire Drive right off of Bonds Ranch Road and HWY 287. There is also a Goodwill depository there for items that can be reused rather than trashed or recycled.  There are specific rules, so be sure and check the web site at Fort Worth Texas Gov. Solid Waste Dropoff before you visit. 

Finally, located on the same property there is a new animal shelter and kennels.  For information please go to  

Our councilman, Cary Moon spoke regarding future growth plans and some road construction coming up.  He stated that 50 people per day are moving to Fort Worth.  He urged citizen input as our city continues to grow so that lawmakers will continue to spend our tax dollars wisely.  For more information from his office, please go to Fort Worth Texas Government District 4.  

It is exciting to see these much needed services added to the growing North Fort Worth Corridor.

If you are interested in finding a home in North Fort Worth, there is still plenty of room for you!  Call Judy and her team at 214-762-5544 to find your North Fort Worth home.